Angel aka "Soft and Cunt"
A Vogue Femme performer with softer and daintier execution

Arms Control aka Hand Performance
A category solely dedicated to the dexterity and coordination of ones "slight-of-hand" arm and wrist movements; hand tricks and illusions for New Way

When one voguer challenges another, in or out of a ball

Box Dip
A floor pose that consists of positioning the forearms flat on the floor, legs over the head, with feet planted on the floor in front

Upright Vogue Femme sashaying

A contortion involving the arms manipulated up over the head and down behind ones back, keeping the hands locked together.

Devil aka "Dramatics"
A Vogue Femme performer with dramatic and stunt-filled execution

In vogueing, a ground-level stunt

Crouching, foot-sliding and scooting movement requiring balance on the balls of the feet. Sashaying in a squatted position

From gymnastics, an extreme backbend dip where your butt touches your head

Hand Performance
In Vogue Femme style, the illusions, precision and flamboyant interpretation executed through that part of the body; see also Arms Control

An "Old Way" dip, inspired by a mannequin in a Kansai Yamamoto boutique window (NYC, circa '70s). Involves one knee on the ground, and a backward lean, supported stylishly by one or both hands

Jerky, tense movement of the body, also Popping; also, in a vogue battle, pinning or restraining an oponent with part of your body while performing

A dance performed by banjie or straight boys that combined vogueing arm movements with break dance floor work, named after the now defunct New York dance club where it was practiced (The Loft)

A variation of the name Machiavelli, naming a "suicide" dip, requiring a fall to the floor, landing on the back, using one leg as a lever; a prat fall

New Way
The vogueing styles starting in the mid 80's. Includes Arms Control, with body contortions.

Old Way
The vogueing styles previous to the 80's. See also Pop, Dip and Spin

Freeze frame, staccato-like movement; jerky, tense movement of the body

Pop, Dip and Spin
An earlier name for the dance now called vogueing, with a style leaning toward graceful acrobats, and transitions that alternate between standing and floor positions; combined break dance moves with the more feminine hand performance and poses of the earlier drag style. also "Performance"

Several voguers performing together, tiered one in front of the other

Martial art inspired Old Way dip, requiring a prone position, with one leg dangling over the head

Exclaimed by an emcee when a contestant executes a suicide dip.
See also Makeveli

Soft & Cunt
A Vogue Femme performer with softer and daintier execution

Verbal Vogue
A category created to test your sharp wit in the art of insults. Contestants are often made to sit in separate chairs and exchange turns at the mic to "roast" each other. Thin-skinned patrons need not apply! Also "Reading", or "Deadly Daggers"

A more recent name given to a dance that has been evolving since the late 60's, created in the New York City Jail (Rikers Island) by the black gay population as a means of entertaining the inmates during holidays. Originally called Presentation, then later Performance, it combined pantomime, dance and modeling moves performed to uptempo R&B music.

Vogueing Femme
A dance style that takes the femme queen technique and exaggerates it even further: pronounced hip movement, cha-cha-based footwork (often in stocking-feet for maximum slide), peppered with classic striptease gestures. Execution ranges from soft and dainty to dramatic and severe